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Regency Park Families,
The 4th "R" program will be returning to campus starting April 6th.  The 4th "R" is a licensed childcare program that engages children is arts, crafts, science, recreation and offers support with asynchronous and distance learning.  The 4th "R" will be offering after school care, starting at 10:41 am, either 2 days a week or 4 days a week based on your childcare needs.  All participants must preregister for the program
To register - all forms must be completed prior to attending a registration day.  All forms and contracts are available online,   please visit the link below for downloadable forms.  If you are unable to print out the required documents, hard copies will be available for pick up at Regency Park 4th "R" on Tuesday March 23rd (located in a box by the 4th “R” door). 
Registration Day and Time – Wednesday March 24th from 9am-11am @ 4th “R”
Registration Day and Time – Thursday March 25th from 4pm-6pm @ 4th “R”
All New and Returning Children:
Will need to complete the following forms for each child and bring with them on registration day: ( ).  At the time of registration, you will need to turn in all your paperwork, and submit your fees in 2 separate checks.
  • Regency Park Contract 4th "R" Fillable
  • $100 registration fee - separate check
  • April tuition fee  - separate check
  • Emergency Card
  • 4th “R” Covid Waiver
  • Needs Assessment
  • Pre Admission Health History
  • Personal Rights
  • Parents Rights
  • Medication Form (if needed)
  • Regency Park April Monthly Calendar
We ask that social distancing practices and masks are worn on registration days. We look forward to seeing you soon.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Carrie at
Carrie Wilkes
Regency Park 4th "R" Coordinator